#00011: That Time I Was On NBC & The Real “Secret” To Success IMHO

This, obviously, was a really fun morning! It was super early for me to be in full make-up and little black dress with styled hair…

… but that’s just what you do when you’re passionate about what you’re bringing to the community, right?

So yes, I had my appearance on NBC and that was super amazing. I was there promoting my Get More Nourished Night Out event. And… what this post is actually about is successfully going after something you want, hard work be damned.

I had no real idea of the amount of time involved in bringing the Get More Nourished Night Out to life. I just knew that I wanted to do the event – a celebration on the one year anniversary of working full-time in my business – and I wanted it to be big.

The key to making it come alive wasn’t my passion or drive or management, but the fact that one genuine person firmly believed I could pull it all together and make my vision – my dream if you will – a reality.

And I think that’s the real “secret” to success: to have that one genuine person firmly believe that you can – and will – achieve whatever it is you’re setting out to do. They don’t accept excuses or delays. They simply show up, hear out your idea, say “yes” you need to do that, expect you to be successful, and commit to being there on your big day to help you shine bright.

So with that I’ll leave you here to see a fun picture or two below and watch a 2002 music video and a 2018 movie preview. Then go figure out a way to shine bright, okay?

To your success,
Sara Hefty

P.S. O’Neal Hampton, thank you for being the genuine person who saw my vision of the Get More Nourished Night Out event right from the start, without question.

This picture is from three years prior to the GMNNO at a United States Postal Service event, where I met O’Neal Hampton in person. May 2010.

P.P.S. Thank you to Christina Aguilera for “Fighter” – both in 2002 and more recently in 2018’s “Life of the Party”. I definitely listened to the entire “Stripped” album – on my 2002 CD – in a CD player – following the movie.

As satisfying now as then.

Hit play below and rock out, stat.

Then scroll down to watch the trailer for “Life of the Party”. xoxo #noregrets


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