Life can be easier

You can nurture a full-potential life and
have all the success you can handle -
without bending your truth.

You’re a smart person. And you need to roll out a new future.

So... You're A Smart Person

When I say 'smart person' here's what I mean: You're an overly-mastered people pleaser. You're in the Service Industry or a Romantic Entrepreneur, you're a strong nurse, or a big-picture visionary. Perhaps you are bending over backwards for others, for causes, for work, or maybe you're a perfectionistic achiever who just plain cares deeply about your relationships, invisibly supporting other people's desires, and being kind... and you want to nurture a full-potential life, but you struggle with it. You just don't get successful experiences and unwavering contentment.

What I have could be a fit if...

· You've been secretly reading up on ways to disarm your procrastination, negativity, stress, anger, temper, worry, anxiety, depression and/or dysfunctional eating habits.

· You'd love to take your relaxation peacefully... but ummm... never seem able to dissolve the monkey mind?

· You know you need to take your health to the next level, but have no idea where to start.

· You don't "respect" the idea of life coaching (even though you greatly respect your potential).

· You like the notion that your life could be happy, confident, playful, delightful, respectable, trusted, kind, healthy, easy, and relaxed (and be even more enjoyable because of that).

If so, I imagine that you want to...

· Lose the unwanted weight, go shopping at any store in the mall you choose, and eat real food.

· Declutter your home and grow in a place that represents your present life proudly.

· Get to know yourself, make great friends, and be in a committed, honest, dynamic, equal, intimate relationship.

· Be super satisfied in your career and have a spending account that always delights.

· Forgive and learn from the past while actively elevating your emotional fitness so you can share with your childhood family without losing yourself, your happiness, your cool, your money, your focus, or your zest for life.

We might love each other a lot if...

· You love reaching for high quality brands that live up to their promises - Aveda, Tesla, Stir.

· You love to savor what makes design inspirational and brilliant - function, form, originality, respect, boldness, logic, and simplicity.

· You'd love to see your environment filled with beauty, self-expression, intelligence, acceptance, and peace; and know that real power is always found within.

· You're deeply critical of our current religious and spiritual systems.

Hi, I’m Sara Ann Hefty, owner of Get More

Sara Ann Hefty

I've been helping smart people like you live easier lives for over three years now (a lot of them have found the outside perspective and coaching really useful). And yes, there are better, more successful ways to nurture your emotional inheritance, full-potential, and happy, healthy life. I've just started to write about them as often as I can on my blog.

I offer some products and services that help you figure out the structure, support, and tools needed to set you up for inevitable success. My goal is simple: to help you handle the stuff that's getting in the way, slowing you down, stopping you, and preventing you from having what you want - and to help you do so in a way that you enjoy your life without shame, indecision, or worry.

In short, this is where you get more nourished.

And there will be a bunch of free tools for you to check out too (smart people love tools)!

To get a free copy of my 33 page ebook, "I'm A Smart Adult and I Want An Easier Life - Volume 1" (which includes a couple of transformational coaching tools to help you see what might be holding you back), just fill in the box at the upper right hand side.

Thank you so much and feel free to say hello anytime.

To your success,

Sara Ann Hefty